Whole Wheat Chakki Atta-The Better Choice

Posted by Admin on January, 17, 2020

Chapattis are an old favorite of the North Indian population. During the present day and age, even the South Indians have started developing a taste for it. The soft and fluffy goodness of a chapatti can only be achieved if whole wheat Chakki Atta is used. Traditionally chakki atta was milled with the help of 2 stones grinding the wheat grain.

Adding whole wheat chakki atta to your diet will improve your food intake quality in a massive way. It will treat many ailments and keep you in good shape.

Let’s discuss its health benefits :

1) Improves immunity and supplies energy: Whole wheat chakki atta is filled with vitamin B which includes thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin. This provides a boost to our immunity system and Vitamin B also provides our body with sufficient energy.

2) Improves digestion: Whole wheat chakki atta is a good source for fiber. Fiber is responsible for the smooth functioning of your digestive system. It prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well.

3) Lowers cholesterol and prevents heart diseases: Whole grains block the body from absorbing bad cholesterol. It is also known to lower triglycerides. This also aids in heart diseases. A survey claims that women who have whole wheat chakki atta have a 30% chance of having heart diseases.

4) Good for eyesight: Whole wheat chakki Atta has vitamin E, niacin and zinc. They aid in a better vision. They lower the risk of macular and contract degeneration. Whole wheat chakki atta also helps in slowing down the process of loss of eyesight.

5) Regulates blood pressure: Whole wheat lowers blood pressure as well. High blood pressure is the main reason for an individual to get affected by heart diseases. A study reveals that a man who takes whole wheat chakki atta for breakfast every morning, are 19% less likely to suffer from hypertension.

6) Good for diabetic patients: Whole wheat has high fiber content, which is good for people suffering from diabetes. It helps in maintaining the level of blood glucose.

7) Improves metabolism: The people who want to lose weight should make whole wheat chakki atta a big part of their diet. It helps in improving metabolism which in turn, reduces weight. You also feel full for a long time.

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